Me and The Moon’s mission is to provide an uplifting experience for children in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Our process-led art workshops encourage creative play and 'happy accidents'.

Process Art is a creative journey rather than a deliverable end product. Children don't feel pressure to deliver a 'perfect' piece and are free to have fun and think for themselves. This is why process-led workshops help to grow children's confidence and independence.

All workshops are coordinated by experienced professionals in a safe and structured manner. Children learn fundamental inter-disciplinary skills in; Paint, Print, Collage, 3D Construction, Clay, Animation and Typography. We work with teaching professionals who share our passion and commitment to creating a welcoming and happy creative space for children.

Services include weekly workshops in Wicklow and Kerry during school terms, Art Camps during school breaks, Parties and Pop-up Events nationwide,


Me and The Moon Founder, David Fortune, graduated with a BA in Fine Art Painting from LSAD in 2006 and went on to exhibit in group and solo exhibitions in Ireland and London. He merged his studio practice with a teaching career when he graduated with a Higher Diploma in Art Education in 2011. Behind his studio practice is a unwavering commitment to freedom of expression, which carries through to the Me and The Moon philosophy of teaching. David’s work can be viewed at

Co-Founder, Sheena Fortune, graduated with a BA in Visual Communications from LSAD in 2008 and has over 10 years experience working in Graphic Design and Branding. Sheena’s work can be viewed at



We are interested in the development of the child's imagination, creativity and confidence. We allow for creative play and 'happy accidents'. Children create work unique to themselves, rather than replicating the teacher's sample.


We surround ourselves with like-minded colleagues; Teachers, Artists and Designers with a genuine passion for what we do. We are staffed by experienced professionals, Garda vetted and insured.

Environmental impact

Sustainibality is a core value of our organisation and we work with Recreate to source recycled and sustainable materials as part of our workshops. Our main goal is to help to grow children's confidence and creative problem-solving, and we aware of how important it is to act as good role models.